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The ABEY foundation, established in the principality of Liechtestein, is a non profit foundation. It is the keeper of the native ABEY blockchain protocol and platform.

Our mission is to shape the future of Financial Services.

We provide and maintain the core technology: a multi-layered, scalable, secure model of a programmable blockchain approach to digital currency, aimed towards high-volume transactions.

The ABEY Foundation contributes governance, research, guidance, core development, community to the combined continuous efforts to make transacting business faster, safer, cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

The ABEY blockchain

Multi-Layered Programmable Blockchain for High-Volume Transactions

White Paper

by Ciprian Pungila (PhD) and
Prof. Viorel Negru (PhD)

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Computer Science Department West University of Timisoara V. Parvan 4, Timisoara, Romania




Prof. Viorel Negru, PhD

Director of Research and Technical Advisor


Ciprian Pungila, PhD

Head of Research


Philipp Maria Sauerborn

Head of Compliance and Regulation

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